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October 19, 2000 The Board of Directors of the Cecil Delworth Foundation are pleased to announce that Mr. Tony Thompson of the Niagara Economic and Tourism Corporation is the recipient of the 2000 Cecil Delworth Award. This award was presented by the President of the Foundation at the Annual General Meeting held in Ruthven, Ontario.  It is the Industry's acknowledgement of the significant contributions made by Mr. Thompson to the Industry and to Floriculture in Canada.  Congratulations!
October 19, 2000 The Niagara Economic and Tourism Corporation presented a cheque in the amount of $13,000 to the Foundation in the establishment of their own self-directed fund for research and education.  This brings their cumulative contribution in total to $100,000 over the 7 years of operation of the Ontario Grower's Directory and Buyer's Guide.
October 4, 2000 The Cecil Delworth Foundation was available at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference held in Guelph, Ontario.  The Chairman of the Board, Mr. John Valk, presented Mr. William (Bill) Vermeer of Westbrook Floral with a Living Tribute.  This is a tribute established by members of the Industry to acknowledge the efforts and commitments made by individuals to the betterment of the Industry.  Mr. Vermeer joins a select group of individuals that have been acknowledged in this way.  Please click on Living Tributes to view the Living Tribute recipients.



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